General terms of studies

The PFH Professional School commits itself to offer the selected further education program or course. A course start is possible at any time on the first of a month.


1. Acceptance

The PFH Professional School strives for a harmonious cooperation in every respect with the course participants in order to achieve the common goal, a thorough and practical education. The PFH Professional School is politically and religiously independent. The course certificate is issued when the PFH Professional School has received the registration form, the study achievements have been achieved, and the course fee has been paid in full regularly and in due time.


2. Course contents, organization, procedure, and duration

2.1  The course contents, organization, procedure and duration are described in the corresponding information material.

2.2  Each participant will receive the appropriate teaching materials and access to the „myPFH“ learning platform at the beginning of the course. This access remains valid for the entire duration of the course.

2.3  The duration of the course depends on the chosen course. The duration is listed in the registration form and in the individual curriculum for each course.

2.4  For the duration of bridge courses (not applicable for Digital Solutions courses) the PFH Professional School makes a recommendation about the required duration. However, the duration can be freely chosen by the course participant up to 3 months beyond this recommended duration. Once a bridge course participant has decided on a duration, it cannot be changed subsequently.

2.5  The PFH Professional School is authorized to make organizational and content changes, as long as the objective of the education course is not endangered by this.


3. Education fees and terms of payment

3.1  The obligation to pay the course fee arises with the receipt of the first teaching material or the access of the course via the online learning platform („Sneak Preview“ access does not count for this). The fees are due after conclusion of the contract or from the selected start date, at the latest on the first working day of a month for the respective current month.

3.2  Payment of the fees shall be made either by direct debit or against invoice. If payment is made by direct debit, the complete bank details must be provided.

3.3  The contractual partner is always the participant of the education course themselves. If the employer or a third person pays the fees and stops the payments, the course participant has to take over the further payment as contractual partner and to settle any outstanding debts. The payment by the employer or a third person represents a revocable assumption of costs.

3.4  The obligation to pay and compliance with this obligation shall not be affected by the failure to participate in examinations, further training events or other interruptions, such as irregular attendance of the scheduled courses and vacations falling during the course period.

3.5  If multiple courses are booked, one after the other or together, the total amount payable per course will be reduced by 5% from the 2nd course onwards for the cheaper course. If several courses are selected on one registration form, the further training courses will start at the same time. For successive training courses, they must be booked individually.

3.6  If a reduction, e.g. in the form of a partial scholarship or a voucher coupon, is used for a booking, to which the participant is not entitled due to lack of conditions to be met, the PFH Professional School reserves the right to bill the wrongly deducted amount accordingly.

3.7  If the division of the fees results in uneven amounts, the first monthly course fee will be rounded up or down so that subsequent amounts are billed in even amounts.

3.8  If applicable the course participant has to expect travel expenses for the participation in exams and the like, loan fees for recommended literature as well as the usual costs for the use of means of distance communication.

3.9  If the place of residence of the participant is abroad, foreign bank charges and separate international shipping costs may be incurred in addition to the monthly fees. For the international shipping of the teaching material the PFH Professional School charges a lump sum of 30,00 € for worldwide shipping (applicable only in case of hard-copy education materials).


4. Course completion

4.1  Each further education program requires the successful completion of submission tasks, project assignments, or the participation in a written exam (hereinafter referred to as examination performance). The exact performance requirements can be found in the curriculum or course in- formation.

4.2  Without the need for a termination, the contract shall end upon successful completion of the last examination. The final date of the course is determined by the date on which the examination performance has been delivered (in the case of submission of project assignments, the date of submission for correction; in the case of examinations, the date of the written examination).

4.3  Early completion of the course does not release the participant from paying the entire regular course fees.

4.4  With conclusion of the course the access to the learning platform „myPFH“ expires “.

4.5  Graduation documents (e.g. certificate) will be sent by post and digitally to the course participant after completion. In the event of non-compliance with the payment obligation, the graduation documents will be withheld until all claims have been settled in full.


5. Termination and minimum term duration

5.1  The contractual minimum term is generally 6 months. Excepted from this are courses that end before the 6-month period expires. If the course period is less than 6 months, the minimum duration is equal to the course duration. A termination is possible for the first time at the end of the minimum duration with a period of notice of four weeks.

5.2  After expiration of the minimum term duration, a termination is possible at any time with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the month.

5.3  A notice of termination must be given in writing (letter, e-mail, fax). Notice of termination via e-mail must comply with the requirements of §126a (1) BGB (German Civil Code).

5.4  The right of termination without notice for important reasons remains unaffected for both the PFH Professional School and the participant of the course; an important reason which entitles the PFH Professional School to terminate the contract without notice is especially given if e.g. the course participant does not pay the course fee according to the terms of payment or does not pay it on time. The management of the PFH Professional School has the right to give immediate notice of termination after a warning or after a particularly serious breach or repeated breaches of the terms and conditions of the course contract.

5.5  With the effective date of the termination of the course the access to the learning platform „myPFH“ ends.


6. Extension of the course duration

6.1  After the end of the regular course duration, the course will be automatically extended by 6 months free of charge, regardless of the individual course duration. In the case of the Digital Solutions course this automatic extension will be by 9 months instead of 6.

6.2  After the free course duration extension, the contract ends without requiring a termination.

6.3  From the start of the extension period directly following the regular course period, termination is possible at any time with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the month; 5.3 applies accordingly.

6.4  Without the need for an explicit termination, the contract ends with the successful completion of the last examination performance as mentioned in 4.2.

6.5  With expiration of the free duration extension the access to the learning platform „myPFH“ ends.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1  Should individual provisions of the contract be or become invalid or contain a gap, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

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